COVID-19: When Personalized Video Communication Can Make All The Difference

By Poorna Nayak | May 11, 2020

Aren't you tired of getting impersonal emails about COVID-19? I have been getting a lot of emails the past few weeks with the usual reference to "the new normal", "challenging circumstances", "unprecedented times", and so on! 

Social Media Posts, Emails, And Webinars

All you see these days is your LinkedIn or Twitter feed being bombarded with social media posts on Covid-19. I wouldn't be surprised if many of us have silently muted notifications just to shut out the noise!

A lot of us have also received emails from businesses trying to reassure us, telling us how they are handling this crisis and how they can help us. Or at least that's our best guess of what these long emails are all about, as we generally never get past the first few lines.

Very Long Emails, TLDR;

Then there are those even longer webinars. A lot of businesses are getting creative with topics like "Bring Value to Customers During a Crisis", "Free Webinar: Coronavirus in a connected and digital world" and so on. Most webinars are boring and really don't have anything new to say. Most of us will not be able to sit through a full session, or are only half-listening trying to get some other work done simultaneously.

Death By Webinars!

The goal of any communication is engaging with your customers, and not just checking off a "to-do" list. It is to ensure that your customers know you care for them. It is about building long-term relationships.

Why Personalization Matters - More So In These Times

With the new normal, it is not easy to organize events where you get to meet your customers. Face-to-face interactions have become increasingly difficult. Nothing can replace in-person interactions, but the next best thing in customer experience is personalization.

At EnrichVideo we truly believe in the power of one-on-one communication. Our enterprise video platform offers personalization at scale. Videos have been used by CEOs the world over to talk to their customers. Add personalization to the video, and you have nailed customer engagement.

We helped one of our wealth management customers to send a personalized market communique. With the stock markets taking a beating, it was important for them to also capture the sentiment and mood of their HNI clients.

Covid-19: Personalized Customer Communication

The results of this personalized communication were astounding. 17% of the HNIs who watched the video responded to the question in the video. 14% said they would like to rebalance their portfolio with additional equity investments, 3% said they would not want to invest in equity at this point.

Covid-19: Capturing Customer Sentiment

Free EnrichVideo Campaign For Businesses

In response to the challenges imposed by the coronavirus pandemic, we wanted to do our bit. EnrichVideo is now offering 1 free campaign for the next 30 days.

Businesses can send a personalized video to all their customers and capture their feedback. Short personalized videos can be more effective than long text emails and might be easier to send than co-ordinating video calls. The secure cloud-based solution will enable businesses to:

  • Send a CEO commentary or a market communique to all their customers with personalization.
  • Capture customer feedback by having Call-To-Action (CTA) buttons in the video.
  • Get detailed video viewing analytics.

Do get in touch with me for a free campaign.