Mastering Lead Generation Via Email Marketing

By Poorna Nayak | Aug 21, 2023

Lead generation is the first step in the process of finding potential customers who you can nurture into valuable prospects and, hopefully, loyal customers. Out of all the ways available, research shows that email marketing still rules the roost when it comes to quality leads. In fact, you can get an incredible $40 return for every $1 you invest in email marketing. That's some serious bang for your buck!

Check out the following steps that outline how you can generate leads for your business using email marketing.

1. It All Starts With An Email List

Email lead generation starts with having a list of email addresses that you can target. There are 2 ways to get these email leads.

Opt-in Subscriptions

First up, we have opt-in forms. By offering valuable content or incentives known as lead magnets, you can entice website visitors or customers to subscribe to your email list voluntarily. Webinars, eBooks, whitepapers, templates, free trials, exclusive content, and discounts are some examples of lead magnets. People willingly share their email addresses and some additional details because they're interested in what you have to offer. These opt-ins provide a pool of potential leads. Quality leads from the get-go!

Paid Email Lists

But then you also have an easier way - a ready-made list of email addresses. It might sound easy, but has its risks. The folks on this list might not even know you exist. It's like showing up at a party where nobody knows your name. It's likely you'll notice a significant increase in unsubscriptions, or even worse, your emails might end up getting flagged as spam. This can have lasting consequences, impacting your email deliverability down the line.

Once you've got your email list, here's the thing – you can't just fire off your campaign to everyone on it. If you're aiming for top-notch results from your email campaigns, think about email list segmentation along with event tracking. So, slice and dice your list, keep things relevant, and get higher success rates from your email campaigns.

2. Crafting A Great Email

When it comes to running a successful email marketing campaign for lead generation, nothing takes the spotlight more than the email content itself. The top 3 things to keep in mind are:

  • The email is visually engaging and balances imagery and text seamlessly.
  • The email caters to your readers, delivering value to them rather than solely promoting your business.
  • There is a clear call to action (CTA) and your prospect/ customer knows what to do next.

Creating visually captivating emails isn't about playing tricks on your audience. It's about fostering a lasting connection by delivering real value. Keep your message straightforward and concise, steering clear of excessive jargon. Add personlization to this, whether it's a simple use of their name or tailoring content to their behaviors and interests, and you have your audience hooked!

3. A Reliable Email Platform

You can't dive into email marketing without a trusty email tool or a marketing platform designed for emails. Sure, you can reach out via regular email services like Gmail or Outlook, but you'll be in the dark about how your email campaigns are actually doing.

When you're on the hunt for the perfect email lead generation platform, here's what to keep an eye out for:

  • The platform should be super user-friendly for your sales and marketing teams to dive right in.
  • Your marketing platform should integrate well with other tools you use, like CRMs and sales engagement platforms.
  • Detailed analytics and insights is a must have. Your chosen platform should be your go-to for understanding your leads and customers, helping you improve with each new campaign.
  • Think ahead. Your platform should grow with you, ready to support your needs as your business expands.

4. Use The Power Of CRM

Linking your CRM with your marketing platform makes data flow seamlessly, fueling your campaigns with information to tailor experiences for leads. CRM lead scoring helps you prioritize your leads based on their engagement levels and potential to convert, enabling you to run focused campaigns for your hot leads.

With CRM triggers you can set up automatic journeys triggered by events - like a lead coming in from an online ad, sparking a welcome message. This automation ensures you're talking to your leads when they're all ears!

Most importantly, you can get your sales and marketing teams in sync by sharing insights and data in the CRM. This ensures a unified approach, streamlined communication, and smoother lead handoff.

In Conclusion

Email is one of the most effective ways of lead generation. By using various lead capture techniques and getting quality leads, using personalized content for higher engagement, sending targeted campaigns to increase relevancy, and data analysis to see what has worked and do more of it, businesses can harness the power of email to generate and nurture leads, ultimately driving conversions and business growth.

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