Net Promoter Score (NPS) Measurement Using Personalized & Interactive Videos

By Poorna Nayak | January 31, 2020

Survey Forms Are For Monkeys!

Most of the companies today are still measuring NPS using online customer survey forms. Almost 80% of the people abandon a survey halfway through. We feel the time has come for an upgrade! If you are new to NPS measurement, you can read about it here.

Still Using Forms For NPS Measurement?

Net Promoter Score measurement seems easy. However, there is one catch - “Who will bell the cat?!”. If you plan to send your customers a survey questionnaire, we all know, people don’t like filling out forms! You might end up sending too many reminders asking them to complete the feedback form. Those pesky reminders themselves can get your NPS down by a point or two!

NPS Measurement With EnrichVideo

The NPS measurement done with personalized videos gets high response rates rather than survey forms. We are seeing response rates of 15% and above compared to 2-3% for online forms.

Asking The NPS Question With EnrichVideo

But Remember To Engage With Your Customer First

The best place to measure NPS is when a customer has just finished one of your touchpoints - like receiving a monthly account statement or a policy renewal reminder from you. EnrichVideo offers various personalized video options for the financial industry. We offer personalized onboarding videos, monthly or quarterly statements, policy renewal reminders.

Engage With Customers First - Ex: Personalized Insurance Summary

Know The WHY Behind Your NPS Score

The original proponents of NPS had said - ask an open-ended follow-up question. However, open-ended questions rarely get answered. Wouldn't you like to capture the reason why your customers want to recommend you to a friend or not? EnrichVideo allows you to capture this right from the video with a multiple-choice question.

Response From An Unhappy Customer

If a customer is willing to refer you to a friend, why not ask for the referral right within the video?

Drive Referrals From Happy Customers

Enrich Platform equips customer-facing teams with cutting-edge technology tools, innovative content formats, and analytical insights to effectively engage customers and prospects and grow their business.
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