Personalized Interactive Video Use Cases

Are you generating a lot of content but finding that the engagement is very low? Are you sending bulk emails that are getting ignored? Is your communication a one-way street?

Personalized, interactive videos can be one of the solutions to these challenges. While Personalised videos drive engagement, interactivity drives reply rates upwards of 5%.The below examples give a flavour of how videos can be used at all the stages of customer lifecycle.

Do not worry if you are not yet using videos in your customer engagement journey. Take a look at our curated collection of top-performing video examples. Personalized, interactive videos are an effective way to reach out to customers and prospects.

Videos for Upsell

Insurance Policy Renewal

Enrich Platform empowers insurance companies to make the insurance renewal process as seamless as possible. Enhance the client journey at the right moment with personalized insurance reminder videos. Remind your clients of their current coverage and a breakdown of the premium amount with visually engaging charts and graphics.

Include interactive Call-To-Action (CTA) buttons in the video and make it easy for existing policy holders to make changes to their coverage. Add CTA buttons for increasing the policy limits, adding additional riders, or exploring other insurance options. Additionally a “call my agent” button within these videos helps you get in touch with policy holders when they are most engaged. Interactive content drives reply rates upwards of 5%.

Watch Insurance Renewal Reminder Demo Video

Portfolio Statement With Recommendations

With Enrich Platform’s cutting edge technology, wealth managers can send portfolio updates to their HNI clients in an engaging video format. Portfolio review videos are not just static presentations, but an interactive experience that puts your investors in control. You can combine suitable investment recommendations based on your HNI clients unique financial goals, risk tolerance, and investment preferences to provide clients with a truly personalized experience.

Clients can take action directly from within the video itself with in-video interactivity. Imagine the convenience for your clients of reviewing portfolio performance, gaining valuable insights, and taking action all in one seamless experience. Experience the future of portfolio management with our engaging and interactive portfolio videos.

Watch Portfolio Statement Demo Video

Videos for Education & Engagement

Weekly Market Insights

Share weekly market insights, where RMs or Chief Investment Officers can provide clients with a comprehensive analysis of the latest trends, developments, and news impacting the financial markets.

These videos can be recorded quickly when a message needs to go out immediately. For example, a timely video message post a stock market crash is much more impactful in alleviating client concerns than a plain old boring email. Regular updates can be sent via pre-created video templates to offer valuable insights and actionable recommendations. Engage your clients regularly and help them navigate the dynamic world of finance. Create different videos for different segment of clients based on their investing style, demographics such as age or gender.

Watch Market Insights Demo Video In English

Watch China Hong Kong Market Update In Chinese

Insurance Policy Explainer

An insurance policy explainer video is a useful tool to help educate your clients on the key aspects, terms, and coverage details of an insurance policy. It aims to simplify complex insurance concepts and language, providing clear explanations and examples to ensure policyholders have a thorough understanding of what their insurance policy entails. Explain the various important elements such as coverage types, policy limits, deductibles, premiums, policy period and renewals, exclusions and limitations.

An insurance policy explainer video serves as a valuable resource to policyholders, empowering them to make informed decisions about their insurance coverage. It promotes transparency, clarifies policy details, and ensures individuals have a comprehensive understanding of what their policy covers and what it doesn't.

Watch Insurance Policy Explainer Demo Video

Financial Product Explainer

Financial product explainer videos help educate your HNI clients about intricate financial products that involve advanced concepts, structures, and risks. These products often include derivatives, structured investments, hedge funds, or other sophisticated instruments that require a deeper level of comprehension.

Such explainer videos bridge the knowledge gap and provide clients with a clearer understanding of intricate financial instruments. By offering comprehensive explanations, outlining risks, and providing relevant information, it empowers clients to make informed investment decisions and manage their exposure to complex financial products effectively.

Complex Financial Product Explainer Demo Video In English

Client Education: Protect Against Smishing

Educate your clients on important aspects like security. Here is a demo video that provides insights into the concept of smishing and offers valuable tips for safeguarding against cyber threats. Smishing refers to a fraudulent practice where scammers use text messages to deceive individuals and gain access to sensitive information or commit financial fraud.

A video highlighting the increasing prevalence of smishing due to the widespread use of smartphones and messaging apps helps clients easily understand the threats and risks. Clients can enable spam filters on their mobile devices by following the steps shown in the video. It also visually shows how to block a spam number. Such educational videos help build trust and long-term relationships.

Smishing Explainer Demo Video

Enrich Platform equips customer-facing teams with cutting-edge technology tools, innovative content formats, analytical insights, and AI-powered recommendations to effectively engage customers and grow their business.
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