What Is An Interactive Personalized Portfolio Video Statement

By Poorna Nayak | Sep 11, 2020

Customer connect and engagement is key to building strong relationships and loyalty. More so, for banks and wealth management firms that cater to High Net Worth (HNI) and mass-affluent segments. Portfolio video statements deliver deep engagement with the ability to capture customer feedback or buying intent.

Hyper-Personalizing The Portfolio Video Statement

The video statement is personalized to each and every HNI client based on the portfolio data. A PDF text can be hard to understand, but a video statement with clear visuals can highlight the key points of a portfolio making in-person meetings with the financial advisor/ relationship manager (RM) more effective.

Hyper-personalized video statement

Intelligent Recommendations

The video can give relevant recommendations on new products based on HNI client data. A lot of data points are taken into consideration such as portfolio size, age, types of asset classes in the portfolio, and many other criteria.

Intelligent Portfolio Recommendations

Context-Driven Personalization

The video statement is created smartly taking the HNI client's data into consideration and is not the same video that gets shown to all. For example, if one client has insurance whereas another one does not, then only the client having insurance will be shown the relevant visuals with the relevant data like the renewal date etc. Also, if a client is watching the video on a mobile phone, the CTA buttons will be different from a client who is watching the portfolio video statement from a desktop. 

Adding CEO/ Fund Manager Commentary

Fund managers can record market views and this video can be stitched along with the video statements. In-person meetings are typically restricted to the top 20% of the clientele. By adding a fund manager commentary, the top management can achieve one-to-one communication with each and every HNI client. This commentary can be tailored based on whether the HNI client has equity, debt, or real-estate portfolio.

CEO/ Fund Manager Commentary

How The Video Statement Is Made Interactive

An interactive video statement can also be useful in getting the HNI client to proactively engage with the financial advisor.

Detailed Portfolio Data On Click Of A Button

The level of detail that an HNI client gets to see can be easily controlled by giving interactive buttons throughout the video statement. From those who live in the data and love all the details of the portfolio, to those who value visuals, video statements can cater to all kinds of users. Unless there is an inherent interest in understanding investments and finance, the majority of the HNI clients would be happy with getting an easy to understand portfolio summary. For the rest, the details can be provided on the click of a "get portfolio details" button. 

In-Video 'Get Portfolio Details' Button

Clear Call-To-Action (CTA) Buttons In The Video

Call-to-action buttons placed anywhere within a personalized video statement have proven to be a better way to get clients to take action. The CTA buttons can be as simple as placing a call to the financial advisor or RM, or it can also be used for redirecting the client to the bank or wealth management firm's web portal or it can be used to download detailed PDF statements.

In-Video Call To Action Buttons

Collect Net promoter Score (NPS) With A Video Statement

A portfolio video statement in itself is a great way of increasing the NPS score for a bank or wealth management firm. So what does it mean to measure HNI client satisfaction? By adding a layer of interactivity to collect the NPS, companies can see if their valuable customers are happy with their services and the financial advisor. This will indicate whether they are going to be loyal customers and stay with the company for the long-term. Video statements provide a subtle way of doing this by engaging the customers first.

Measure NPS With A Video Statement


A personalized, interactive video statement offers financial advisors to engage with their HNI clients with the information that they seek, without the curse of information overload. It provides a digital channel for one-to-one engagement. It makes customers feel valued in their relationship with the bank or wealth management firm. It converts passive engagement to active engagement leading to customer loyalty.