How Amigobulls Video Statements Powered IIFL Wealth Management To Take Their HNI Client Engagement To The Next Level

CTO Abhishek Chandra leveraged AI as a customer service enhancing tool while hammering home the company’s customer commitment.

To read the entire case study, visit How IIFL Wealth Management capitalized on AI for deliver portfolio statements to HNI customers

22, Nov 2018 – A superior customer experience is all about reliably delivering the most appropriate customer services that really count with your customers. IIFL Wealth Management has made this principle a centerpiece of its digital strategy.

As a long-standing practice, the wealth management company sent monthly portfolio statements to its 12,000 HNI and UHWNI clients as email/pdf/paper. Despite these monthly statements, requests for physical review meetings with the HNI customers were increasing. During these, in-person meetings with the RM, more time was spent on providing basic information rather than strategic calls.

Customer behavior analysis helped Chandra arrive at the conclusion that the HNI and UHNWI customers were short on time and the dominant media they were consuming was on their phones. Besides, IIFLW had the largest market share in the “tech millionaire” segment.

Chandra collaborated with a Bangalore based fintech startup Amigobulls which had been working on a platform based on the intelligent use of Text to Speech conversion with HTML 5 platform. The fintech developed a platform (patent registration in the process) for making video statements using the Natural Language Generation (NLG) technologies.

The personalized video statements are light-weight unlike regular MP4 videos and are specifically designed to work even with low-speed 2.5-3G connections. AI and NLP based voice system have made it possible to convert account statements into videos within minutes every month.

AI and NLP supported by smart infographics and interactivity are programmed to deliver a voice and video-based unique experience to the client.

To read the entire case study, visit How IIFL Wealth Management capitalized on AI for deliver portfolio statements to HNI customers

About Enrich Platform

Amigobulls’ Enrich Platform is changing the way businesses acquire and retain their clients. We help businesses connect with their clients one on one with personalized and interactive video experiences. Our platform records useful insights on the viewing audience. These insights can further be used by businesses to improve client engagement and sales.

Leading banks and wealth management firms like IIFL Wealth, DBS Bank India, IIFL Asset Management Limited, Motilal Oswal Asset Management Company and many more trust us with their digital and marketing strategies.

Amigobulls is backed by India's top angel investors including Mr. Mohandas Pai, and Mr. Sharad Sharma.

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About IIFL Investment Managers.

IIFL Investment Managers, earlier known as IIFL Wealth & Asset Management, is an investment management company, headquartered in Mumbai, India. It has five core businesses: Wealth Management, Asset Management, Corporate Finance, Credit Solutions and Estate Planning.

IIFL Investment Managers is a subsidiary of IIFL Holdings Limited formerly known as India Infoline Limited, which is a diversified financial services company.

Commencing operations in 2008, the company has catapulted itself to become the largest private wealth management firm in India. As on March 31, 2017, it has Rs.1201 billion of assets under Under Advice, Distribution and Management.

IIFL Investment Managers has more than 800 employees and a presence in 9 major global financial hubs and 23 locations in India and around the world. IIFL Investment Managers was started by Karan Bhagat, Yatin Shah and Amit Shah.

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