Case Study: How Hexagon Wealth Got 10% Of Their Clients To Give Referrals

By Sreekanth Anasa

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Business Context

Hexagon Wealth, a SEBI registered investment advisory firm manages over 1000 HNI clients, both individual and corporate. With a cumulative experience of over 30 years now, Hexagon's investment team pride themselves on giving clients market-beating returns for their investments, while keeping their entire financial picture in mind. Hexagon Wealth has a client retention ratio of 92%.


Some of the key challenges Hexagon Wealth was facing with respect to client engagement:

It is difficult to ask for referrals face-to-face.

It is not easy for advisors to ask for referrals in their direct interactions with HNI clients. It can put clients in a difficult position when asked face to face. Advisors were looking for a non intrusive way of getting referrals.

Getting a consistent message across to all clients.

When the client base is large, it is impossible for the CEO or MD to meet all of them monthly, and do one on one sessions. Hexagon Wealth's MD, Mr. Srikanth Bhagavat was looking at getting across the company's views on the markets and investment philosophy in an engaging and personalized way. He felt that email campaigns are quite boring and not many were reading through the text.

In-person meetings were not effective

A lot of time during in-person meetings was spent on going through the basics of the portfolio report. There was no way to make the portfolio statement engaging. A quick summary of the portfolio delivered in an engaging format would make in-person meetings effective, as the clients would come prepared, and make useful decisions on their portfolio.


Using Personalized Videos to Drive Referrals

The idea was to make their clients feel special. Happy and engaged clients would be ready to refer friends and relatives. EnrichVideo's portfolio video statements helped Hexagon address the problems of engagement and referrals. EnrichVideo addressed the problems as follows -

With personalized video statements, the referral is asked after giving a quick 2-min summary of the client portfolio. These video statements helped identify clients who are willing to refer. Advisors now only need to follow-up with those clients who are willing to refer their friends and relatives.

Getting Referrals From Happy Clients

Hexagon Wealth's MD could reach out to all his clients with a market outlook included in the personalized video.

Market Outlook By MD

By collecting feedback early on from the few unhappy clients, Hexagon Wealth was able to take corrective actions and rebuild trust sooner.

Understanding Why Some Clients Are Unhappy


We were pleasantly surprised to know through Video statements that more than 10% of our clients watching the video were ready to refer us to their friends.
Mr. Srikanth Bhagavat |
MD, Principal Advisor

The Hexagon Wealth team has found that getting referrals is easy when clients are already engaged and are connected. Personalized video statements have seen 4x better email open rates than industry standards. Also, 10% of the clients watching the videos were willing to refer friends and relatives. The MD's views on the market has helped strengthen the relationship with clients, and has resulted in increased client interactions. The team could also validate their very high client retention ratio and actively look out for unsatisfied customers to address churn.

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