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Amigobulls Inc's Enrich Platform is a comprehensive marketing solution designed specifically for sales and marketing teams in financial institutions. Lack of alignment between sales and marketing teams can lead to various challenges, including engaging the wrong prospects, sending conflicting messages to potential clients, and wasting time on ineffective outreach efforts.

Enrich Platform empowers financial marketers to identify and target the right clients, using the most effective channels and messaging, to ensure timely and personalized interactions. Our platform incorporates interactive digital communication, leveraging client behavior to continuously learn and improve. The platform empowers the sales team with client insights and actionables so that no opportunity is missed.

Leading global banks like DBS Bank and Julius Baer are using Enrich Platform. To know more, contact us.

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Founding Team

Chandu Sohoni - CEO of Amigobulls
Chandu Sohoni Co-founder, CEO   
Chandu is a serial entrepreneur with experience of creating successful telecom, media and mobile technology startups. He is a technologist with a love for stock markets, bringing years of experience and knowledge of creating successful companies. Chandu is an avid investor who actively tracks and invests in US stock markets. Prior to Amigobulls, he was founder and CEO of NewsHunt (now called DailyHunt), a mobile news media unicorn.
Poorna Nayak Co-founder, Director   
Poorna heads the marketing and customer engagement initiatives. Prior to Amigobulls, she was an early member of the Newshunt team, India's largest mobile news app with multi-million active user base. Having been a key member of the NewsHunt team, Poorna brings in unique insights into product design and digital marketing for creating a successful digital client engagement platform.

Our Investors & Board Members

Vijay Anand - Board Member SVP, Intuit India   
Vijay Anand has lead Intuit's Global Engineering strategy and Global Development Centers in India, Israel, Canada and other locations around the world. He is responsible for attracting the very best technical product talent, challenging them to innovate for customers, advancing how technology is applied including AI, Machine Learning, Cloud and Mobile to grow the business around the world. He enables Intuit’s engagement with the local ecosystem where the company operates including startups, academia and government as part of the Intuit's mission as a company to power prosperity around the world and excel as a global first company.
Sharad Sharma Entrepreneur, Investor   
Sharad's mantra is to lead big and small companies through orbit change. He has three decades of experience in the Internet, Enterprise Software, and Digital Infrastructure markets and is a prominent voice in India's technology ecosystem. Sharad co-founded Teltier Technologies Inc., a wireless infrastructure startup now part of CISCO, and is an active technology angel investor with over two dozen investments. Sharad has held several senior R&D executive positions with leading technology companies, including Yahoo, VERITAS Software, Symantec, Lucent Technologies, and AT&T.
Pallav Nadhani Entrepreneur, CEO of FusionCharts   
Pallav is the co-founder and CEO of FusionCharts. He started FusionCharts at the age of 17 without any external funding. Today, FusionCharts has over 23,000 customers and 500,000 developers. His entrepreneurial journey has been covered by various magazines like Forbes, Entrepreneur, Business Today, Economic Times and numerous blogs & websites.
Pallav holds an MS in Computer Science from the University of Edinburgh, UK. He has co-authored a book on combining the power of Flash and .NET called 'Flash.NET' in 2002 and has written several technical articles for international journals ever since.
He loves traveling, cricket and poker.