How Personalized Videos Can Help You Sell Insurance Digitally

By Poorna Nayak | February 25, 2020

As every insurance company knows, it's hard to maintain customer loyalty in today’s digital world. Customers today have a lot of information at their fingertips and a variety of options to choose from.

To win customers in this highly competitive industry, insurance companies must find ways to:

  • Create awareness so that customers understand the need for insurance and how critical it is.
  • Provide simple and fast digital interactions, especially for millennials and Gen Z.
  • Personalize customer communication throughout the entire online journey and stay relevant.

The Problem

A simple online search for “how do I stop pesky calls from insurance agents” will yield a lot of results. Few things can be more annoying than a lingering headache. Frequent phone-calls asking you to buy insurance is one such thing!

Or for that matter, getting generic text messages asking you to “hurry and buy insurance today”. As if it's as urgent as applying for your child’s school admission.

Annoying calls to buy insuranceInsurance Calls Asking You To HURRY & Buy

So how do insurance companies create the need in a more meaningful way without annoying their customers?!

Personalize The Insurance Message

Nothing sounds sweeter than your own name! Delight customers and win their loyalty by creating personalized insurance messages. As per Bain & Company, “Customer use of digital channels, especially mobile, is rising rapidly, but incumbents are struggling to create delightful digital experiences and are facing new competition.”

Personalized Insurance VideosDelight Your Customers With Personalized Insurance Videos

Give Relevant Information

Giving relevant information based on customer profile will differentiate the customer-centric insurance companies from the rest. A customer is more likely to read an insurance message and act on it if the message is tailored based on say age, gender, and other factors. Making the insurance message less salesy and more relevant will help win the trust of existing as well as potential customers.

Personalized Insurance OffersPersonalized Insurance Offer Based On Customer Profile

Now Ask The Question

Millennials and Gen Z’s comfort with technology means that they are comfortable interacting with insurance companies digitally. Engage with your customers with personalized video messages, then get their input with clear Call-To-Action (CTA) buttons placed right in the videos.

Call-To-Action Button In VideoCall-To-Action Button In Video Capture Buying Intent

CTA buttons can be a great unobtrusive way of capturing buying intent. Insurance companies can focus on the ones who are genuinely interested and improve their conversions this way.

Not everybody wakes up thinking they want to buy insurance. But, insurance is a need. It may not feel as vital as feeding family or educating children, but protecting loved ones or planning for sudden medical expenses is very important. Personalized videos can help stand out from the clutter and in creating the need by engaging with each and every customer one-on-one.

If you are an insurance company looking at establishing a superior customer experience across all touchpoints, do get in touch with us.