How To Choose A Personalized Interactive Video Platform For Banks

By Poorna Nayak | Mar 30, 2021

Choosing a personalized, interactive video platform to create videos at scale largely depends on business needs. The core nature of business for banks involves dealing with a large number of clients and sensitive data. Here are 3 key things to keep in mind while choosing a personalized video platform.

A Video Platform That Is Enterprise Grade

A lot of personalized, interactive video platforms market themselves as enterprise, without actually being enterprise-grade. The key features such as reliability or security features are often missing. Some of the things to look out for are:

On-Premise Or Private Cloud Installation

Since the banking sector is a regulated industry, banks usually choose on-premise installation for their applications. Even when banks go for cloud infrastructure, it's a private cloud with banks having more control over this infrastructure. So, while choosing a personalized video platform it only makes sense to choose a vendor who has vast experience in

  • On-premise installations.
  • Different cloud infrastructure.
  • Different operating systems.
on premise marketing platform for banks

Enterprise-Grade Security

For banks, security is the topmost priority. For a video platform, this means that the videos that are created with client-sensitive information need to be password protected. For example, for a portfolio video statement that has information like current net worth, asset types, etc. videos need to be viewable on entry of the correct password, with the user being blocked after 2 to 3 invalid attempts.

Secondly, if the personalized video is accessible over a web link, then the web link needs to be SSL encrypted. Also, the web link should not be easily decipherable, as in the web links should be created based on complex algorithms and should not have any client-related information.

And finally, the videos should have an expiry time set - both session expiry and a lifetime expiry. Session expiry means that even upon entering a valid password, the video is viewable only for some time, say 10 minutes, after which the password needs to be re-entered. The lifetime of a video is mostly arrived at based on the bank's policy, it could be 6 months or a year, after which the videos are destroyed and are no longer available.

Apart from this, Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) should be run on the video platform. The platform vendor needs to run VAPT tests regularly upon the addition of any major features. Any security loopholes that may arise from time to time should be fixed. Banks should ask for VAPT reports from their vendors before engaging with them.

enterprise grade security - marketing platform for banks

Enterprise Security A Must For Banks


External Compliance

This involves the rules and regulations mandated by the government of a particular country as to how a business should conduct its operations. A lot of rules are around data security as banks deal with sensitive information. For example, SingCERT (the Singapore Computer Emergency Response Team) aids the detection, resolution, and prevention of cybersecurity incidents for the Singapore constituency. While choosing a video platform, banks should ask their vendor to provide such certificates if necessary.

Internal Compliance

This means how a company complies with the laws internally within the organization. A bank that wants to engage with a video platform company needs to check that the vendor has internal processes in place. A video company that is ISO27001 or SOC2 compliant is usually enterprise-ready. It means it conducts regular internal audits and has internal policies designed to mitigate risk. It ensures that the video company has contingency plans in the case of a regulatory breach.

ISO 27001 certificate

Certifications That Ensure Data Security

Disaster Recovery

The video platform vendor needs to have a set of policies, tools, and procedures to handle disaster recovery. Oftentimes, the vendor needs to work with the bank to come up with a policy acceptable to the bank. For most banks, critical applications can have zero downtime or outages and are called tier-0 or tier-1 applications. Applications like mobile banking used to view accounts, make a transfer, or pay bills, fall under this category. Even if the video platform does not fall into this category, since it is a customer engagement platform, careful thought needs to be given so that video viewing is unaffected. An enterprise-grade video platform typically is a high-availability system.


Most video platform vendors do not provide the required integrations, they just give you the videos and let you figure out the rest. Banks need complete solutions. For banks, it is important that the video platform is well integrated with their CRM and wealth management platforms. It is equally important to enable single sign-on for the video platform. In some cases, the video platform needs to integrate with the bank's delivery channels, that is, their email and SMS systems.


Can the video platform handle the stress of 1000's of people watching videos simultaneously? A robust platform is one that has done soak testing of its system with a typical production load over a continuous availability period. This is done to validate system behavior under production use. Load balancers should be in place so that the incoming web traffic for video requests is equally distributed and does not exceed the thresholds that the system can endure.

Another aspect of scale would be to see how quick and easy it is for the platform to scale up when more video campaigns or use cases are added. The platform needs to be able to generate 1000's of videos within a matter of minutes and not take 2-3 days for video generation.

Customer Support

Most banks often do need that extra help. Do-It-Yourself (DIY) platforms don't work for banks. A lot of banks require an on-premise installation and this means that they do need some level of support. The type of support required again depends on the bank's policy. Some banks require dedicated 24x7 support while others are ok if queries are responded to within 1 business day.

customer support along with Enrich Platform

Customer Support For Enterprises

Customer Success

If a personalized, interactive video campaign is to be successful then best practices need to be applied. Applying best practices is not a one-time activity as there are new learnings with each campaign. A lot of banks do require that extra help in making their campaigns successful. That's where customer success comes in. They help banks achieve their desired outcomes for the video campaign.

The "Video Design" Aspect Of Personalized Videos

For creating personalized videos at scale, a personalized video template needs to be created first. Some banks do have in-house design teams, that create this base video for a campaign. But most often banks do require the video platform vendor to take care of this for them. The base template is then designed in collaboration with the bank's marketing team to ensure that the bank's brand guidelines are followed.

Another significant difference is in the type of personalized videos that can be created. Does the platform allow for real, rendered personalized videos, or are the personalization layers added on a base video? While real rendered videos offer greater creative flexibility it does have a few drawbacks:

  • Is a downloadable file (an mp4) that poses security risks - the video cannot be password protected.
  • Once downloaded the videos are permanent with lifetime validity.
  • Are difficult to create in real-time.

A video platform offering real, rendered videos might be a good choice for a creative agency. However, for banks, the goal is to reach their clients and collect valuable feedback from them. Personalized videos just happen to be the channel of reaching out and not the goal in itself. For banks, it starts with their business goals that finally need to translate into measurable metrics for their personalized video campaigns.

Personalized Videos Data Source

Data is the core of personalized videos and a lot of times data resides in various systems. For regular monthly campaigns like video statements, it is useful to invest the time to integrate with the bank's wealth platform. Even over here, in the pilot or proof of concept stage, it's better to start with existing integrations, that is pull data from the wealth system (XML files or CSV files) and provide it as input to the video platform so that the pilot can be launched quickly. Once the bank is ready to scale, a custom integration can be looked at.

For a small campaign where there are not many data elements, or for one-off campaigns integrating with a data-source does not make sense. The video platform needs to provide simple excel/ CSV file uploads for these campaigns.

So a video vendor needs to provide all 3 ways of connecting to data:

  • Start with existing integrations for the pilot phase.
  • Work on custom integration between data platform and video platform post-pilot.
  • Simple CSV/ excel upload for one-off campaigns.

A Knowledge Of Finance 

Last but not the least, banks will really benefit from choosing a video platform where the team working on the platform has an understanding of finance. A team creating a personalized video statements campaign with knowledge of XIRR and asset classes will create a better platform than the one that is only providing the software. In-depth knowledge of the business, process, and banking industry will help the video platform vendor not just be a provider of software but a partner in achieving the business outcomes for the bank.

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