Leveraging Videos For Visual Storytelling In Finance

Narratives lie at the heart of communication and marketing endeavors for banks, wealth management firms, and insurance companies. A well-crafted narrative can capture the attention of prospects and clients, engage their emotions, and convey a compelling message. To meet the needs of today’s digital clients, one powerful tool has transformed how financial marketers can engage with their audiences: Video!

With its dynamic and immersive nature, video content has become an unparalleled force in capturing attention, sparking conversations, and driving meaningful engagement. Videos offer a concise yet impactful way to convey value proposition, explain complex financial terms or help in matters related to compliance. Videos can be instrumental in providing captivating digital experiences throughout every stage of the client lifecycle. In this guide, we will highlight various video use cases and discuss how videos can make a significant impact throughout the prospect and client journey.

Videos For Brand Awareness

As per a report by Inc, video content consistently outperforms other types of content in online search results, with 62% of Google searches including video. By incorporating videos into your website, you can enhance your brand's visibility, leading to increased brand awareness and engagement. By strategically creating awareness videos and sharing them on social media, you position your brand in front of potential clients at the right moment when they are ready to make purchase decisions. This approach drives brand awareness, opens up new business opportunities, and boosts revenue. 

Through our brand videos, financial institutions can effectively showcase their values, services, and expertise to a broader audience. It's essential for clients to recognize your brand and understand that it aligns with their values. Here's a compelling video we created for a distinguished wealth management firm highlighting their brand offerings, core values, and comprehensive range of services.

Brand Awareness Video

Videos For Client/ Prospect Education

Research indicates that watching an explainer video increases the likelihood of purchasing a product by 85% and boosts conversion rates by 20% compared to text-only content. Through visually appealing graphics, simplified explanations, and interactive elements, financial institutions can make complex investment concepts easily understandable. Videos can help clients feel more confident and in control of their financial decisions.

Client education videos effectively avoid information overload by presenting complex topics in smaller, digestible segments. Incorporating animation and visual elements adds excitement, encouraging greater engagement. By providing in-depth explanations, outlining risks, and delivering relevant information, explainer videos empower clients to make well-informed financial decisions.

Weekly Market Insights

A bank's wealth management arm approached us to develop informative videos to educate their clients about market trends and investment opportunities. The China market video served as a concise summary of their comprehensive report. It provided expert analysis and current investment opportunities in the China-Hong Hong markets.

Market insights videos to engage existing clients helps in keeping them updated on the ever-changing financial landscape so that they can align their portfolios and take necessary action. These videos can be an effective way of attracting potential clients seeking expert guidance and services.

Insurance Policy Explainer

We created an insurance policy explainer video for an insurance company. Typically people don't end up reading long and detailed policy documents and hence are unaware of the key details of their policy. Video proved to be a valuable tool for policyholders, ensuring that potential policy buyers have a clear understanding of their insurance coverage, including its inclusions and exclusions. Video helped foster transparency in this case.

Videos For Compliance and Regulatory Training

Using videos for compliance and regulatory training in the finance industry offers numerous benefits. Training videos enhance knowledge, mitigate compliance risks, and foster a culture of compliance within the organization and builds trust among their clients. Videos ensure that all stakeholders receive the same information and are on the same page regarding compliance standards. They deliver essential information, helping stakeholders understand and adhere to necessary rules and guidelines. They can be easily accessed and viewed at any time, making it convenient for the concerned parties to refresh their knowledge or access specific training modules as needed.

Smishing Explainer Compliance Training Video

We created for a video for a wealth management firm on educating their clients regarding smishing, showcasing their dedication to safeguarding their clients' sensitive information. This video helped the firm to educate their HNI clients of the risks associated with this type of cyber threat.

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