How Hexagon Wealth Boosted Its Client Reach With Focussed Targeting

By Sreekanth Anasa | Jan 25, 2023

We were able to get many new clients to attend the webinar through our recent webinar campaign. This was achieved through focused targeting via the Enrich Platform. The automated and simple workflow helped enhance our team's productivity and efficiency.

The best part was we could understand each and every clients response to our webinar campaign using the analytics and alerts provided by Enrich Platform. This client knowledge collected digitally has enabled us in discovering client behaviors, and getting to know their interests and values.

The timely alerts to our relationship managers have been really useful. Our team realized why some clients couldn't attend our recent webinar. The platform allows us to re-send the webinar to the clients who could not attend the event.
Mr. Srikanth Bhagavat |
MD, Principal Advisor

Business Context

Hexagon Wealth, is a SEBI-registered investment advisory firm that manages hundreds of HNI clients, both individual and corporate. Hexagon Wealth has many multi-generational clients with a retention ratio of 92%. Hexagon Wealth is systematic in mapping out its clients’ life plans and goals. With a blend of accumulated experience and intuition to customize the solution, they leave no stone unturned to ensure that finances are no constraint to attaining clients’ life goals. All this with transparency in every step.


Hexagon Wealth is very much aware that to deepen HNI client loyalty, clients need to be deeply engaged with them. With client-centricity at its core, Hexagon Wealth has tried to be one step ahead in anticipating client needs and serving them better. They have always enjoyed great client interactions through their offline channels and have been able to build deep client relationships. Now in today’s digitally connected world, and with the younger generation needing wealth management services, they have been exploring ways to engage and scale digitally. Some of the key challenges Hexagon Wealth was facing with client engagement and targeting are:

Inability To Cater To Clients At Scale

Hexagon Wealth creates investment insights, market outlooks, and other useful content on a regular basis. Clients would often ask for such updates but Hexagon did not have a way to send them to their target clients. Also, they did not learn and know about client behaviors through these digital interactions. To increase the value of client service, relationship managers need actionable insights so they can service their HNI clients proactively. Hexagon Wealth Relationship Managers (RM’s) had the challenge of moving fast as they were more reliant on regular one-on-one communication.

Focussed Client Targeting Was Missing

Clients are frequently looking to be educated and informed. With digital communication, clients get to choose how they engage at their convenience. While regular communication is important, Hexagon Wealth wanted to understand its clients better and target them with what is relevant to their interests.

Omnichannel Outreach Was Missing

The Hexagon Wealth team has been doing email marketing to keep the cadence going. The challenge with email marketing was that it wasn't regular and timely due to the manual effort needed by RMs. Engagement via other channels such as WhatsApp was minimal. They have a CRM, but a unified platform to engage across multiple channels and manage each interaction from the same platform was missing. Reaching all clients on WhatsApp at scale, a channel on which clients are active, was a key challenge.


Using The Enrich Client Intelligence Platform

Enrich Platform has helped the Hexagon team push relevant content to its clients on different digital channels at scale. This has led to increased visibility and timely outreach to clients who had been asking for it.

Expanding client engagement on WhatsApp with tracking improved client outreach for Hexagon Wealth. 66% of the clicks from the latest campaign were from WhatsApp only. With click tracking, the Hexagon team could see which channel had more engagement with various clients. The online behaviors like opens, clicks, and time spent is helping RMs know individual client interests and preferences for these digital interactions as well. RMs are now aware of changing client behaviors and can cater to them accordingly.

Smooth integration with Hexagon Wealth’s CRM and wealth platform has ensured that a complete client view is available in one place. Not to mention the fact that there is no manual intervention from an admin or anyone to run these campaigns.

Key Results From Using Enrich Platform

  • The addition of the WhatsApp channel meant 66% of the clients were from WA compared to email.
  • 3.5% of clients who read the communication reached out to their RMs via WA channel.
  • 43% of the clients who attended the webinar could be traced back to those who clicked on the communication link.

The Hexagon Wealth team has found that with focused targeting they can send the right message to the right set of clients, using the right channels be it email or WhatsApp, or text message. By applying the knowledge of what they know about their clients, they can create more valuable content that matches the client's expectations and communicate with them at a more personal level. This has enhanced client satisfaction and increased client loyalty further.

Detailed analytics provides insights on client behavior across all content types: videos, blogs, podcasts etc. The platform gives a campaign-level summary, and details of each individual client’s online behavior, and also helps create relevant client segmentation. Some of the stats the platform provides include email and WhatsApp opens, device and browser details, location information etc.

About The Enrich Platform

Enrich Platform empowers marketers to identify and target the right clients, using the most effective channels and messaging, to ensure timely and personalized interactions. Our platform integrates interactive digital communication, harnessing client behavior to iteratively enhance the performance of your marketing campaigns. The platform equips the sales team with client insights and actionable data to seize every potential opportunity.