Privacy Policy

We are committed to protecting your privacy while you use our Website. The policy below (Privacy Policy) explains how we handle the information that we collect implicitly and explicitly from your activities on our site.

The Information that we collect and how we use:
  1. To serve you better, we install what are known as 'Web Cookies' on your system. This a standard protocol supported by all web browsers and used by many a websites to store information about your usage of the website. Cookies are not 'active' programs that can run on your computer, they are textual information that gets stored by browser on your computer or a mobile device. We do not use cookies to store 'passwords' of any kind. Currently we use them to store your preferences about certain type of stocks, news, articles etc. This helps us in providing you with relevant content the next time you visit our site. We may use cookies to store certain identifiers that help us identify your browser, however we do not use cookies to store any 'personal' information like passwords, your name, address etc. Apart from cookies installed by our site, our advertisers may install their own cookies to track your preference regarding advertisements. Currently we use Google ad-sense for serving ads on our Website, their privacy policy is listed below
    In future we may use other advertisers and we will keep you informed about their privacy policy.
  2. IP address is another information that we receive when you access our Website. It helps us identify your location to certain degree. We and our advertising partners use this information to serve you relevant content.
  3. Device Information. We get to know about the device (a mobile device, a tablet or a computer) when you access our Website. We use this information to serve you content which is suitably formatted to your device. We may associate the device identifiers that we may receive with your other information.
  4. We may ask you to submit your personal information like e-mail IDs, phone number, address etc to use certain services on our website. We may collect this information from other websites (like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google et). Such collection of information will be done only with your explicit approval. We will use this information only for our internal use and to send you relevant information. We will not share this information with any of our partners including advertisers. We may share this information in a statistically non-identifiable way to inform potential advertisers, partners etc.
  5. E-mail and Alerts: Non-spamming policy:
    We will not send you more than 2 emails per week without your explicit approval for more number of messages. We will always provide you an option to opt out of any such e-mails or alerts that you no longer wish to receive.
In case of any questions or concerns about our privacy policy get in touch with us at contact AT