Insights & Targeting

Drive Marketing Success & Enhance Sales
Performance With Actionable Insights

customer engagement analytics


  • Engagement data lets you know which marketing/ sales content resonates with each individual customer/ prospect.
  • Track email opens, video views, page by page views, downloads.
  • Customize messages based on these insights to shorten sales cycles and close deals faster.
segmentation and targeting


  • Create smart customer segments based on demographics, behavior, and interests.
  • Target with personalized, relevant messaging to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Leverage advanced analytics and targeting capabilities to increase conversion rates and revenue.
alerts to sales reps


  • Configure alerts based on content interactions.
  • Timely, contextual alerts ensure that no opportunity is missed.
  • Enhance customer engagement, speed up sales cycle and close deals faster with prospects.

Our Customers And Partners Who Trust Us

 We want to deepen and use our video platform for deeper client engagement because it has always been what do customers want. So when we look at that, they want more personalized information, be it insights, be it the content we show through videos, more relevant information so that they can make better use of their time and money.

Mr. Seshu Devineni

DBS Bank

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