Interactive Content

Capture Customer Buying Intent To
Reduce Sales Cycles

email with call to action buttons

Interactive Emails & Messages

Make it easy for customers to reply by making emails and WhatsApp messages interactive.

Minimize the friction in the sales funnel as prospects/ customers can complete the "call to action" within the email inbox or the WhatApp chat.

Interactive PDF Files

Combines the benefits of the traditional PDF format with digital web experiences.

By sending PDF files as attachments, you lose out on who read the document. Create PDF content that is trackable.

Embed links and buttons within PDF files to capture customer interest.

interactive pdf
interactive videos

Interactive Videos

Capture leads from your video audience.

Add Call-To-Action buttons like “download sales deck”, “call me for more details”, custom forms, clickable links and hotspots right within your video content.

Track customer/ prospect interactions and buying intent with video interactivity.

Interactive Video Examples

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