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Innovative Video Solutions

In today's competitive landscape, customer-facing teams, be it in Sales or Marketing, must harness the power of videos to effectively engage and communicate with their target audience. Videos have become an essential tool that unlocks tremendous potential for business success. If you haven't yet incorporated videos into your client engagement journey, there's no need to worry. We offer comprehensive video design services and solutions designed specifically to meet your unique needs. Leading global banks like DBS Bank and Julius Baer are using Enrich Platform, our video engagement solution.

Stay ahead of the competition by embracing the benefits that our video engagement solution brings to your customer-facing efforts. With Enrich Platform, maximize the power of videos to engage the target audience, create lasting impressions, and drive desired outcomes. From strategic targeting to personalized messaging, we provide the solution to enhance your marketing or sales efforts and achieve your goals. Discover more about the potential of our video engagement solutions below and learn how one can make every interaction count.

Video Solutions That Engage

Personalized, Interactive Videos

Experience the power of personalized, interactive videos that combine cutting-edge technology with a personal touch, resulting in bespoke client journeys. Personalized videos are known for driving engagement, while interactivity takes it a step further, boosting response rates by over 5%. With our video engagement solutions, we deliver a tailored and dynamic experience that goes beyond surface-level interactions. Viewers are motivated to take action, whether it's making a purchase, filling out a form, or subscribing to a newsletter. Interactive videos transform boring sales and marketing communication from a one-way channel into a dynamic and engaging two-way conversation.

Interactive videos offer valuable data on viewers' preferences, interests, and behavior, enabling tailored marketing efforts, improved targeting, qualified leads, and shorter sales cycles. They provide detailed analytics on viewer interactions, allowing teams to understand audience preferences, engagement patterns, and content performance. This data-driven approach facilitates informed decision-making and optimized sales and marketing strategies.

Personalized, Interactive Videos Use-cases

For more examples of personalized, interactive videos, click here

Personal Video Recording

Leverage the power of personal video recording to forge meaningful connections with prospects, nurture your pipeline, and achieve higher deal closure rates. Record your screen and camera to transform your customer engagement and prospecting communications. Share video messages like product demos, pricing proposals, customer stories, whitepapers, walkthroughs to guide your prospects and customers to next steps. Accelerate the sales cycle by proactively addressing customer inquiries through video responses. Stay top-of-mind with prospects using personalized follow-up videos that leave a lasting impression.

Looking for complete video engagement solutions?

At Enrich, we specialize in helping enterprises identify and target the right clients, using the most effective channels and messaging, to ensure timely and personalized interactions. Our platform incorporates interactive digital communication, leveraging client behavior to continuously learn and improve. With actionable insights, timely nudges, and effective targeting and outreach, our platform enables sales and marketing teams to maximize every customer interaction. We're here to lend a helping hand and guide you through the process. Just reach out to us, and we'll be more than happy to assist you along the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Quick answers to frequently asked questions on how our video engagement solutions will work for you.

What is a personalized video?
A personalized video is a custom-made video that caters to the unique interests, preferences, and traits of individual viewers. It uses data-driven insights to deliver a unique and relevant video experience to each person, increasing engagement and creating a deeper connection with the audience. Click here to know more about personalized videos.
What is an interactive video?
Interactive videos are videos with in-video interactivity featuring clickable elements that prompt actions while watching. This allows viewers to engage with content directly within the video itself. Interactivity can be in the form of buttons, questions, hotspots, etc. For more details about interactive videos, read here.
What is a personal video recording?
Personal video recording is another form of personalized video in which you can record your screen and camera to send video messages. Capture your screen, webcam, or both simultaneously with ease. Record content in any application on any major browser and instantly access your sharable video link as soon as you finish screen recording.
How do the video solutions offered by Enrich Platform work?
Enrich Platform provides a the following video solutions:

Personalized, Interactive Videos: Create 1000's of data-driven personalized videos automatically without any human intervention. Personal elements within the videos include data from CRMs and other platforms. Add interactivity in the form of call-to-action buttons, hotspots, surveys within these videos to capture customer feedback and preferences digitally.

Personal Video Recording: Enhance customer engagement and prospecting communications by recording your screen and camera. Share personalized video messages, including product demos, pricing proposals, customer stories, whitepapers, and walkthroughs to guide your prospects and customers towards their next steps. Enhance your personal connection through the power of video recording.

Our video solutions result is higher customer engagement driving response rates by 5x. Leveraging client behaviors to continuously learn and improve, the Enrich Platform provides actionable insights, timely nudges, and effective targeting and outreach. This enables sales and marketing teams to maximize every customer interaction.
Are videos created on Enrich Platform secure? Can the videos be password protected?
Rest assured, the videos on Enrich Platform are highly secure. The videos are protected with advanced encryption and access controls. Yes, the videos can be password protected. Server-side password authentication for the videos can be put in place.
What tools does Enrich Platform integrate with?
Enrich Platform offers effortless integration with leading CRMs such as Salesforce, Hubspot, and FreshSales. This seamless integration facilitates smooth and efficient workflows, elevating customer relationship management with individual customer analytics. The platform also integrates with major wealth platforms like Infosys Finacle, Temenos, Avaloq and others, empowering you to deliver data-driven personalized video experiences to your clients. We also offer custom integrations for in-house tools that you use.
Can you embed the videos created in emails and landing pages?
Absolutely! Videos created on Enrich Platform can be embedded quickly and easily in emails and landing pages. You will need to copy the video embed code that we provide and paste it in the "html code view" of the email editor or in the html source code of the landing page.
Do I get details of how many videos were sent, and who watched the videos?
Enrich Platform comes with a detailed dashboard that covers the following stats:
  • How many videos have been sent along with the delivery mechanism (email/ SMS/ WhatsApp)?
  • How many emails were opened? In the case of SMS, if the SMS was delivered.
  • How many clients/ prospects watched their personalized videos?
  • In the case of interactive videos, feedback given in the form of likes/ dislikes. Action taken from the video like call/SMS/ email.
The platform continuously learns from the content consumed, and creates client personas to help target better.
How long does it take to generate videos?
Personalized, Interactive Videos: Each personalized, interactive video takes a few seconds to be created. Hence, these videos can be created on the fly. The pre-creation of 1000's of videos in bulk is also possible. It typically takes an hour to create 10k videos which are 2 mins duration.

Personal Video Recording: These videos are also available instantly. Once the video recording is completed, it takes a few seconds for video processing and optimization, post which the shareable video link is ready.
Is there a limit on the duration of the video?
There is no limit on how long a video can be. However, in our experience, it has been seen that the user is highly engaged for up to 2 minutes. Post 2 minutes, user interest begins to wane.
Will the videos work across devices?
Yes, the videos will work across devices. They will show up fine on big desktops, tablets, and even mobile phones
Is an app installation required to watch these videos?
An app installation is not required to watch the videos. The videos work across the majority of popular browsers including Chrome, Safari and Firefox. Video created on Enrich Platform are specially designed to look good on mobile devices.
Why should I trust Enrich with video solutions requirements?
Our customers include prestigious global banks, insurance companies and wealth management firms, like DBS Bank, Julius Baer, FWD Insurance. Our dedicated customer success team will keep you informed with regular updates on your video engagement solutions' progress. Enrich team will work collaboratively with your team to ensure that you achieve your marketing goals. Additionally, we offer extensive support for installation, campaign creation, and execution of video campaigns, ensuring a seamless experience for your business.
What briefing materials do I need to provide?
To understand how video engagement solutions by Enrich can help, please schedule a call with our team. Enrich offers comprehensive support and resources, from implementation and ongoing customer success to technical assistance and on-demand resources. Our team of technical and strategic experts is dedicated to helping you achieve your video goals.
How long does it take to go-live?
Personalized, Interactive Videos: Video design based on brand guidelines typically takes 2 weeks, with a few rounds of feedback and corrections included. Once the video design is finalized, the creation of personalized and interactive videos campaign along with required integrations takes another 2 weeks. The campaign should be ready to go-live in 4 weeks, but the precise timing can be determined once the specific requirements are finalized.

Personal Video Recording: The go-live for this solution is immediate. Enrich Platform is already integrated with popular CRMs like Saleforce and HubSpot. For integration with an in-house CRM, it will take 2 weeks.

For precise delivery timelines for video engagement solutions, please reach out to our team.
How much does the Enrich Platform cost?
We understand that each customer has unique requirements, which is why we refrain from adopting a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we offer personalized quotes for every project, tailored specifically to meet your individual needs. The pricing is a SaaS-based pricing, with a one-time implementation cost for custom work.

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